AutoRe is structured around four technical workpackages, one for dissemination and exploitation of the results, plus one for the overall project coordination. WP1 covers a central role, as it deals with all the testing and validation activities of the project, including the 50 kW prototype.

Work Package 1: Prototype integration, testing and validation

The present WP has the following main objectives:

  1. To integrate single components into a 50 kWe CHP system

  2. To test and validate the 50 kWe prototype

  3. To identify integration strategies and solutions for newly developed innovative components

Alstom UK is WP1 leader

Work Package 2: Automotive derivative fuel cell

The present WP has the following main objectives:

  • Enable automotive system to perform under stationary conditions and support Implementation of fuel cell system into CHP application

Daimler is WP2 leader

Work Package 3: Fuel processor

The main objectives of the WP3 are:


  • Design of the hydrogen production system. Design setting for hydrogen purification

  • Control system design and implementation.

Hydrogen production construction, assembly with control unit and hydrogen purification 

Helbio is WP3 leader

Work Package 4: Modelling
  • To model and evaluate the performances of the 50 kWe prototype and of the final product

  • To derive diagnostic methods for the prototype and the final product

  • To evaluate RAMS of the systems

  • To define the optimal operating strategies of the prototype and the final product


University of Tuscia is WP4 leader

Work Package 5: Dissemination and exploitation of the results
  • To create AutoRE core dissemination tools, including a logo, public website, video, poster, and project brochure.

  • To broadly disseminate information about the project and its expected impacts to a wide group of stakeholders and the general public

  • To hold a dedicated AutoRE workshop

  • To create and update the project Exploitation Plan

  • To manage IPR

  • To report on dissemination and exploitation activities

    GE Switzerland is WP5 leader

Work Package 6: Project coordination
  • To ensure that the project reaches its objectives in a given contractual timeframe and budget;

  • To ensure strategic and technical coordination;

  • To manage and monitor project resources (personnel, budget, equipment, etc.);

  • To perform quality control and risk management;

  • To perform project reporting to the FCH JU

  • To sustain and facilitate regular communication internally and with the FCH JU Programme Office.

To fully understand the structure of the project, three main target items should be considered:

  • The 50 kWe prototype to be realized in Rugby, UK

  • Innovative, small-scale units to be manufactured, tested and validated

  • The final system, reflecting the final product to be commercialized through follow-up projects and actions.


Only the first two items above are in the scope of AutoRE.