Concept & Vision


AutoRE aims at creating synergies of two non-competing markets, for increasing the volume of production, and, ultimately, reducing costs at the benefit of both the markets. The two non-competing markets are power generation and transportation.

In the shorter timeline, AutoRE puts together, automotive and stationary fuel cell system developers, for the first time in Europe, thus enabling a novel cross-sectorial and trans-disciplinary cooperation, which will further accelerate fuel cell development.

The concept of employing one core technology in different sectors was successfully implemented in a number of other cases.

Aero-derivative gas turbines, i.e. gas turbines developed for aerospace applications, and further adapted for power generation are a typical example of a successful similar approach. Although developed for a sector with completely different specifications, aero-derivative engines have proven to be well-suited for power generation purposes and successfully deployed worldwide. Among other benefits, it allowed for reducing maintenance costs as well as development resources.